Dr. Ken Ross - Principal

Dr. Ross came to LCA in the spring of 2017. His background includes 20 years as a church planter and lead pastor and 19 years in Christian education as faculty and administrator at the graduate level and post-graduate level. He and his wife, Karen, have 4 children and 12 grandchildren. He is passionate for Jesus and His people, and longs to be a part of what God wants to accomplish in others--especially the next generation. He has a soft spot for family, the church, his two dogs, vintage sports cars/motorcycles and a good book. He has no place for spicy hot food, brussel sprouts, and mediocrity. 

Ms. Ricki Trejo - Administrative Assistant

Ms. Trejo originally came to LCA in the Fall of 2011 as a Teacher, where she taught for 2-1/2 years in a multi-grade classroom setting and, thankfully, returned in the summer of 2017.  Her background includes an AA in Elementary Education, 23 years of homeschooling and over 30 years of experience with clerical, secretarial and office management responsibilities.  Her passion is to help children receive an excellent, godly education, that builds strong character and instills a desire for life-long learning.  She has 6 children and 7 grandchildren.  She enjoys reading, hiking, bowling, skating, dancing, horseback riding, church, and spending time with family and friends.

Ms. Floyce Wilkerson - Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Wilkerson came to LCA in the Fall of 2017.  Her background includes 12 years in Early Education working as an Educational Assistant.  She is an Aunt to many, passionate for Jesus, and aspires to help young children grow in Christ.  Her loves are family, church, helping others and a good book on learning and growing in the Lord.  Ms. Wilkerson is a native Arizonian in Casa Grande, and she was raised in Coolidge.  She enjoys spicy Mexican food, movies, and target practicing.

Mrs. Arlene Brown - First Grade Teacher

Mrs. Brown joined LCA in the Fall of 2017.  She grew up in General Santos City, Philippines and graduated from Notre Dame University Philippines with a BS in Elementary Education in 2003.  She and her husband William have a son.  Mrs. Brown loves identifying and developing the creative abilities God has given children.  She considers every child a blessing from the Lord.  Mrs. Brown is passionate about music and plays the guitar, keyboard, bass and drums.  She has served on multiple church worship teams.  She also loves to go camping and watch movies.

Mrs. Pamela Davis - Second Grade Teacher

Mrs. Davis has been with LCA since 2011.  She currently teaches 2nd grade, but previously taught 1st grade.  Mrs Davis views teaching as a ministry, "My classroom is my mission field."  Not only is she focused on providing a quality classical education to her students, but her heart's desire is that each one will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  She and her husband, Jerry, are raising their granddaughter, Gwenyth, a student at LCA.

Ms. Mary Gibeau - Third Grade Teacher

Ms. Gibeau is in her second year as a Teacher at LCA.  The eldest of eight children, she was fortunate to grow up in a family of multiple generations of Christians receiving the benefits of a rich spiritual heritage.  In addition, she spent about 20 years as part of a ministry team that traveled throughout the U.S., including Hawaii, as well as traveling to Mexico, Australia, Fiji and New Zealand.  Her family moved to Arizona when she was a junior in High School.  Her favorite things to do are reading, and solving math and logic puzzles.  Ms Gibeau has served in education, assisting students with their learning since 1981.

Mrs. Jennifer Andrews - Fourth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Andrews is on her second year of teaching at LCA.  The inspiration for her to become a teacher came from her third grade teacher who had a sweet and kind spirit and provided a safe and secure place to learn.  She works today to create the same environment in her classroom.  Mrs. Andrews has a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education.  She believes that one must create a positive classroom environment where students can learn from mistakes, dream big, and embrace life's challenges.

Mrs. Faith McEvoy - 5th Grade Homeroom

Mrs. McEvoy teaches Middle School Grammar and Writing.  She began teaching at LCA in 2014 after 22 years of homeschooling her children, four of which she taught all the way through high school.  Her oldest is now a registered nurse, another is a chemist, another is a software engineer and the fourth is currently attending college at CAC.   Mrs. McEvoy's passion is teaching.  She loves watching the proverbial "light bulbs" come on as students understand new concepts.  She and her husband have been married for 31 years and have 7 beautiful children together.

Mrs. Tonia Herring - 6th Grade Homeroom

Mrs. Herring teaches Middle School History, Bible and Latin.  She came to LCA at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year.  Mrs. Herring moved here in June of 2017 from Colorado where she worked in the public schools for 7 years as a substitute and librarian, and as a First Grade Teacher at a Christian School.  She and her husband Mike have 3 children, two of which are married.  She is passionate about teaching children not only academically, but also about God's love for them.  She loves spending time with her family, going camping and singing.  

Mrs. Cassandra Smith - 7th Grade Homeroom

Mrs. Smith teaches Middle School Literature, Writing and Logic.  She came to LCA in 2016 after three years of homeschooling.  She is convinced that the best education is one with Christ as its foundation.  She is passionate to make a difference in a child's life and feels shaping the next generation into young men and women of God is a divine calling.  Mrs. Smith and her husband have been married eighteen years and have four children.  She loves a good book, especially on a rainy day--a fairly rare experience in Arizona.  She and her husband are suckers for a good pickle ball game and real conversations with delicious food. 

Mr. Joshua Smith - 8th Grade Homeroom

Mr. Smith teaches Middle School Math, Science and Music.  He is the son of a minister and grandson of a missionary to Japan that served 50+ years overseas.  He attended Iowa State University where he pursued a degree in Fine Arts.  As an entrepreneur, he started his own metal fabrication business, of which he still operates during school breaks.  This is Mr. Smith's third year at LCA.  He is also adjunct faculty member at Central Arizona College, teaching metal art welding, and is the youth minister at Calvary Chapel of CG.  Aside from the great joy of serving the Lord in his family and work, he enjoys exploring and sharing the gift of music with singing, playing the ukulele, tuba, a little guitar, and the recorder.....for now.

Mrs. Priscilla Ferebee - High School Proctor

Mrs. Ferebee is a native of Casa Grande and came to LCA in 2017.  She attended Eloy public schools and graduated from Rhema Bible College in 2005.  She has worked with teenagers for over ten years in her church's youth group as well as in public schools in Eloy and Casa Grande.  Mrs. Ferebee and her husband Anthony have three children.  She loves the Lord and desires to help youth know the love of God and to become who He created them to be.  She loves family, pizza, Disneyland, and enjoys working out when she can.  She can do without veggies, spicy foods, and eye shadow application because, according to her, she just can't do it.

Ms. Olga Sylvestre - Teacher's Assistant 

Ms. Sylvestre  came to LCA in 2011 and served as the Office Manager, Nurse, Teacher's helper and Cheerleader of every student.  Her joy is contagious and her heart is to serve.  In the Fall of 2017, she became the Fourth Grade Teacher's Assistant with Mrs. Andrews.  Their class is a wonderful team of one of our largest classes at LCA.  Ms. Sylvestre is the mother of two boys and a red-headed nephew, and she uses tacos, pizza, a crockpot, and the grill to keep them all "on the go".  

Mrs. Evelyn Fix - Music Teacher

Mrs. Fix came to LCA in the Fall of 2017.   She has a Bachelor of Science in Vocal Performance/Church Music, and has served as a church and community musician in various positions: choral singer, choir conductor, pianist, guitarist, and bass player, composer/arranger, and Minister of Music.  Before moving to Casa Grande in March 2017, she served together with her husband/pastor in Morenci, Arizona from 2003 to 2017.  She and her husband, Steve, have two children, five grandchildren, four step-grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  Her favorite saying is "Life is a Song - God's love is the music."

Mrs. Jessica LaCommare - Physical Education  

Mrs. LaCommare began teaching PE at LCA in the Fall of 2017.  She also recently began helping Ms. Trejo in the Office.  Mrs. LaCommare is the owner of "Kicking Life Studio," a fitness center where she teaches Cardio Kickboxing, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and is a Personal Trainer.  LCA is fortunate to have Mrs. LaCommare as our Physical Education Teacher for K-8th Grade.  She and her husband have been married for thirteen years and they have two children that currently attend LCA.