Classical Education

At Logos Christian we utilize classical teaching methods in subjects such as Language Arts, History, Science, Math, Theology, Philosophy, Art, Music and Physical Education. We then partner our teaching methods with Logic, Rhetoric, Latin and classic literature in a manner based upon the developmental stages of the student. The curriculum develops an awareness of and appreciation for the heritage of western civilization.

Applying wisdom and truth

Logos Christian Academy has a strong emphasis on cultivating wisdom rather than just teaching facts and skills; developing a love of discovery and learning is a primary objective in all instruction. Through the use of time-tested methodologies, our students become equipped to read critically, express themselves effectively in writing and speech, and to reason acutely as they develop a broad knowledge base across the traditional academic disciplines.

The Bible

Logos Christian Academy believes that the Bible is much more than a subject to be studied. It is the lens through which the student shall gain a perspective on all aspects of life. Scripture and scriptural principles are integrated into every aspect of the student's education from kindergarten through high school.